With a new engine and unprecedented details of style and technology, the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 4MATIC + arrives in Brazil, introducing the concept of a four-door coupe. The car features Mercedes-Benz’s new in-line six-cylinder engine: the 3.0-liter electric engine, powered by a double compressor driven by the exhaust gases and an unprecedented auxiliary electric compressor. In normal conditions, this engine has 435 hp of power and a maximum torque of 520 Nm. It also has the help of the starter / alternator EQ Boost, which can provide, at certain times, 22 hp of additional power. plus 250 Nm of torque. In addition, the equipment feeds the embedded 48 V electrical system. The automotive’s third generation features a unique combination of sporty design, performance and efficiency. The model introduces the new design language of Mercedes-Benz, which will soon be present in all models of the brand, characterized by the simpler lines and surfaces with fewer creases that reinforce the sophistication of the vehicles. The CLS 53 4MATIC + features a front grille featuring a dual horizontal blade, front skirt with A-wing design (the aerodynamic deflector looks like the letter ‘A’), AMG’s exclusive side sills, rear diffuser and trim round exhaust tips in high gloss chrome gmc sierra car covers.

Six cylinders in line with EQ Boost technology

The new in-line six-cylinder engine 53 features top-of-the-line performance and intelligent electrification. It was designed with a new architecture, which reduced the space required for its installation under the hood. This is because the EQ Boost starter / alternator, which combines the starter motor to the alternator, is installed between the engine and the transmission. This new feature, as well as intelligent power via an auxiliary electric compressor and a turbocharger that uses exhaust gases, further enhances traditional performance and driving dynamics, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions . The CLS 53 4MATIC + accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250 km / h (electronically limited).

High torque with immediate response

In the run-up, an auxiliary electric compressor, powered by the EQ Boost, provides high power pressure virtually instantaneously for faster torque rise for acceleration until the larger turbocharged exhaust gas is driven. In this way, the 3.0-liter engine reacts extremely fast, providing an immediate response to the accelerator without the so-called ‘turbo lag’ (delay between throttle control and engine response).

48 Volt Electrical System

The power to the 48-volt embedded electrical system is generated by the EQ Boost starter / alternator. The conventional 12-volt grid is also supplied by the new system by means of a voltage converter. With this, the total capacity of the vehicle’s batteries has been increased, providing more electric power and thus also allowing new innovative functions to be introduced. The 48-volt embedded electric system is the first step towards the future AMG hybrid. In addition, the same energy requires only a quarter of the current from a conventional system. The result is that the spinning can be thinner and consequently lighter, which indirectly contributes to saving fuel. The existing 12-volt system provides power to consumer points such as lights, passenger compartment, information and entertainment system displays and control units.

EQ Boost Technology

The EQ Boost Starter / Alternator is a key component of the 48-volt system and is not just an alternator – it’s also responsible for hybrid functions. This allows for fuel savings previously restricted only to high-voltage hybrid technologies. These hybrid functions include an extra boost, given directly by the electric motor, with 22 hp of power and 250 Nm of torque, energy recovery, change of load point, ‘sliding’ mode (freewheel) and virtually unnoticeable motor reclosing with the start / stop function. The new engine has no belt for auxiliary components in front of it. Therefore, the length required for its installation is significantly lower compared to conventional six-cylinder engines. This allowed space to install an exhaust aftertreatment system near the engine, which is why it is especially efficient. The standard particle filter is the only part of the exhaust system that sits under the floor.

Exterior: radiator grille with double blade and double exhaust tips round

Visually, the new CLS 53 is distinguished by the radiator grille with double chrome silver blade, which was previously restricted to the V8 Performance models. Instead of the diamond radiator grille, with individual pins, the grille in front of the central radiator now features a black trellis pattern. A functional detail is the shutters, in the background, that have variable opening according to the need of cooling of the motor. Featuring A-wing design, the front skirt has black fins and a silver-chrome front windshield. The external air intakes have two horizontal fins, also in silver chrome. AMG’s unique side skirt panels give the CLS 53 an even more dynamic silhouette. At the other end, it’s not just the redesigned rear skirt that stands out, but also the classic finishing elements of the high-gloss chrome twin exhaust tip. The design of the sides of the mud guards improves aerodynamics at the rear: they allow a better flow of air around the wheel arches. The baffle on the trunk lid is painted in body color and optionally offered in carbon fiber.

Exterior: additional items of CLS 53 4MATIC +

The front skirt of the CLS 53 4MATIC + features additional air vents and air: air flows over them in a directed way, thus improving aerodynamics in the front and reducing the Cd index. The front diffuser is connected seamlessly to the air curtain and reduces lift on the front. front axle. The outer lines of the radiator grille widen in the lower direction, increasing the power feel. Also contributing to this are the narrow and sharp headlights. The exterior mirrors are positioned on the doors, as in AMG GT models, ensuring an even more dynamic appearance. The two-piece lanterns visually reinforce the rear width, plus the practical benefit of allowing greater opening to the trunk. The wider gauge combines better cornering behavior with a prefect look, thanks to the more outboard wheels. The CLS 53’s 20-inch alloy wheels are aerodynamically optimized.

Interior with innovative display and operating system

The interior of the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 impresses the occupants with unique details and sophisticated materials. The highlight is the innovative display and control concept with brilliant high-resolution displays and a 12.3-inch diagonal widescreen display. Visually, the two displays unite under a glass cover forming a panoramic cabin that, as a central element, emphasizes the horizontal orientation of the vehicle’s internal design. Like the instrument cluster, this panoramic cabin contains a large display with virtual instruments in the direct field of view of the driver, as well as a central display above the center console. As the equipment is fully digital, the driver can choose between three different styles of dials (‘Classic’, ‘Sporty’ and ‘Progressive’), as well as configure the information and data he considers most important. The Touch Control touch sensitive keys on the steering wheel respond to drag movements. They allow the driver to control the entire information and entertainment system without having to take his hands off the wheel. The system can also be operated via the touch pad with controller positioned in the center console and by LINGUATRONIC vocal control. The voice control has been expanded to also include the functions of the vehicle. Now the air conditioning and the heating / ventilation of the seats, internal lights and the optional head-up display can also be controlled by vocal commands.

New AMG Performance steering wheel

The synthesis of exclusivity and sportsmanship is also reinforced by sports seats with full visuals, finished with exclusive AMG layout and brand logo, red seat belts and carbon fiber or fiberglass matte finish elements. The interior reinforces the sportiness of the model with the new AMG Performance steering wheel in nappa leather. The harmonization of the friezes has continuity in the rear area (design wave). In the CLS 53 4MATIC +, the integral seats with adjustable headrests have also been redesigned and improved in terms of shape, color and choice of material. This includes all aspects of optimizing comfort, ergonomics, sportiness and safety. The row of rear seats has also been redesigned, with three full-size seats. The seat backrest, which can be folded in the 40:20:40 ratio, as well as adjustable height head restraints, allow for greater flexibility and practicality on a day-to-day basis.

Fast and high efficiency transmissions: AMG transmission SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G

The new 3.0-liter in-line engine is coupled to the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission, which impresses with extremely short gearshift times, fast response to shifting wing controls, dual clutch function and multiple gear reductions. Whether automatically or commanded by the driver using the control vanes on the steering wheel, upshifts and downshifts are performed instantly. In ‘Sport +’ modes and manual driving especially, the transmission is very reactive.

AMG Full-Function 4MATIC + Fully Variable Drive

The power of the engine is transmitted to the road by the AMG Performance 4MATIC + all-wheel drive system. The transition between the traction on the rear wheels and the four wheels and vice versa happens without intervals, because the intelligent control is integrated to the general architecture of systems of the vehicle. An electromechanically controlled clutch connects the rear axle, which has permanent traction with the front axle. The best possible torque distribution is calculated continuously according to the steering conditions and the driver’s intervention. This allows a continuous variation of the force distribution between the wheels: from the integral to the optimization of the adhesion to the pure traction. The transfer happens gradually, based on a complex matrix. Along with grip and lateral dynamics, four-wheel drive also improves longitudinal dynamics, providing even more powerful acceleration.

One-touch adjustment: the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT

With the five driving modes of the DYNAMIC SELECT, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual, at the touch of a button the driver can further your personal preferences. The range available ranges from efficient and comfortable to very sporty. The selected modes change key parameters such as engine response, transmission, suspension and steering. Regardless of the DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs, the driver has the option to press the ‘M’ key to switch directly to the manual mode, in which the gear shifts are performed exclusively using the gear shift vanes positioned on the steering wheel. Suspension settings can also be selected, if desired.

Independent suspension AMG RIDE CONTROL +

The continuously adjustable ADS + (adaptive damping system) springs / dampers specially adapted multi-air suspension combines impressive driving dynamics and high rolling comfort. Tighter spring adjustment, for example, applied to cornering and braking, effectively reduces body roll. The front axle is equipped with special steering joints and load bearing joints. All components have been optimized in terms of rigidity. A more negative front and multi-link rear axle swings increase lateral dynamism. The elastokinematics of both axes are designed to be more rigid in general. All these measures improve accuracy and agility, boosting dynamism. The damping of each of the wheels is adjusted to the momentary driving situation and road conditions. This is done quickly and accurately by using two separate valves for the expansion and compression forces on the dampers Thanks to pneumatic self-leveling on all four wheels, the motor model 53 maintains a constant running height regardless of the load of the vehicle. For increased ground clearance, at steep entrances to underground parking lots or ramps, for example, the level can be raised to the touch of a key. The level is lowered automatically at high speed. This improves stability and maneuverability thanks to the lowering of the center of gravity.

Speed ​​sensitive AMG sports steering

In the models 53, the electromechanical direction sensitive to the speed has variable reduction. She is impressed by her precise sensitivity. The steering assist is available in ‘Comfort’ or ‘Sport’ modes. The characteristics corresponding to each mode are activated automatically, based on the DYNAMIC SELECT driving program. In the ‘Sport’ mode, there is greater sensitivity as to the status of the vehicle.

Fatigue resistant and reliable: composite material brake system

The brake system with large internally ventilated composite discs ensures a fast and reliable deceleration on the 53 models. Internally ventilated and perforated brake discs measuring 370 x 36 mm with fixed four-piston calipers and AMG logo are installed in the front , while internally ventilated discs measuring 360 x 26 mm and floating piston calipers are used on the rear wheels.

Smart Steering: S-class technology

The CLS 53 4MATIC + features the latest generation of driving systems from the S Class. The range of assistance and safety systems has a modular structure. Lane Keeping Assist, ATTENTION ASSIST, Speed ​​Limit Assist and PRE-SAFE Plus occupant protection system are standard equipment. The model also has nine airbags in total, considering the front for driver and passengers, the sides for driver and front passenger, the sides on the rear seats, curtain and what is present at the knee of the driver.

Taking advantage of natural reflexes

A novelty, and also part of the series specifications, is the PRE-SAFE Sound system, which prepares human ear for the probable noise caused by an accident if there is a risk of collision. For the first time, Mercedes-Benz is enjoying a natural reflex to prepare the ears of the occupants for the high noise associated with an accident. Nature has already thought about it with intelligence: a muscle in our ears called the stapedius reacts to loud noises contracting as a reflex. The contraction of this tiny muscle briefly modifies the connection between the eardrum and the inner ear, providing greater protection against high sound pressures. Mercedes-Benz uses this natural reflex as a biomechanical protection in the innovative PRE-SAFE Sound function, since an accident can cause noise to which some people have sensitivity. Thus, the system emits a short signal of interference through the vehicle’s sound system if a collision risk is detected. This signal can provoke the reflection of the stapedius, preparing the ears for noise and reducing the risks of discomfort or hearing damage.

Driving assistance

The Driving Assistance Plus package includes DISTRONIC Active Distance Assist series items (distance-controlled cruise control, Active Steering Assist, Active Speed ​​Limit Assist, Active Braking Assist (Active Brake Assist) with Cross-Traffic Transverse Traffic Monitoring function, Evasive Steering Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist and PRESAFE PLUS. Active DISTRONIC Active Distance Control and Active Steering Assist systems provide even greater assistance to the driver to keep a safe distance from other cars and drive. The speed is now adjusted automatically before closed turns or intersections. Active Lane Changing Assist has also been greatly improved (specific functions for different countries are made available for individual functions).

Active Side Impact Protection: PRE-SAFE Impulse Side

The Driving Assistance Plus package includes the new PRE-SAFE Impulse Side system. If an imminent collision is detected, it moves the occupant as far as possible from the higher danger zone before the impact occurs. Unlike a frontal collision, there is a much more limited deformation zone in the event of a lateral impact. To increase the size of this zone, the new PRE-SAFE impulse side function moves the occupant in the danger zone away from the door towards the center of the vehicle just before an imminent side impact. To do this, the system inflates the air chambers into the outer side support of the seat backrest in a fraction of a second when the threat of imminent side impact is detected. This thrust moves the occupant to the side, away from the acute danger zone and towards the center of the vehicle, thereby increasing the distance between the occupant and the door. The thrust is applied to the occupant moderately, decreasing the forces acting on it during lateral impact, allowing to substantially decrease the load on the chest cavity by lateral collision and greatly reduce the risk of injury. Extensive testing has shown that the brief push does not critically affect the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

Intelligent lighting: MULTIBEAM LED headlamps

MULTIBEAM LED headlamps feature ULTRA RANGE headlamp function, which allows extremely precise and fast electronic adjustment to adapt to traffic conditions, maximizing illumination without obfuscating drivers traveling in the opposite direction or in front of the car. Under any circumstances, ULTRA RANGE headlamps generate the maximum permissible light intensity.